Perfect LTD Co | Context makes the difference
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Context makes the difference: In different contexts, the same piece of information acquires different meanings and consequently leads to different actions.


We contribute vast experience and creativity and work as a team to make sure that every detail has been taken care of in order to generate the right context.


Reliability, Passion, Creativity


Early in 1992 there were no Public Relations agencies in Romania. Foreign companies started to discover the country’s potential and develop local subsidiaries. They were soon to learn, however, that many of the services they could so easily hire in their countries of origin were nonexistent in this one. PR was no exception. That year, demand, circumstances, expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit led to the emergence of Romania’s first PR company: PERFECT Ltd. Co. More than 20 years later, this company continues to be respected for its innovative spirit and quality of service.

A Glimpse